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Sending money

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Print Instruction 1. Read and Print out the information for each currency service that we offered. Use them to fill out forms of sending money at any convenient bank location.
Go to bank 2. Go to any convenient bank, bring along your printout,  ask the bank officer to give you a sending form to fill in.
Fill out form 3. Fill out the form with all of the information you've been provided, submit it together with your money.
Give your money 4. Give your money to the bank officer, you can pay in cash, or in cheque, or debit your account to FINTEC's account.
Get receipt note 5. Ask the bank officer to give you a receipt note for the amount sent. From that moment that bank bares the responsibility to transfer your money to the beneficiary stated therein.
E- mail to us 6. Send us an e-mail saying name, address, ID card number of the recipient, the amount you've sent, maybe include a regard to your relative ...  for further confirmation with FINTEC.



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