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1. Who need the remittance payment service offered by FINTEC Corp?

1.1     People outside need to send money inside Vietnam boundary.
1.2     Vietnamese who live abroad (Vietkieu), foreigners need to transfer financial help to their relatives and friends in Vietnam.

2.  How long does it take the recipient in Vietnam to get the money sent?
Once your money is accepted to be sent at your banking location, it will be transacted among banks for several days. When your money reach Vietnam and FINTEC get the credit note for our account, your relative will be able to receive the sent amount  
        2.1 Within 24 hours if he/she resides in Hanoi, DaNang, Hochiminh City
        2.2 From 1 to 3 days if he/she resides in provinces near those cites, notice within 24 hours
        2.3 From 3 to 6 days if he/she resides in provinces far from those cities, notice within 24 hours

3. What risks my remittance to relatives in Vietnam with FINTEC?
        3.1 Relay or mislay or other similar risks in transacting money among foreign banks
        3.2 Loss of your money if direct cause is provision of wrong address, name or ID card number of the recipient
        3.3 Unwanted amendment to your information by systems outside the system of FINTEC control. 

4. Is there the maximum limit for money to be sent?

5. Will my relatives get the money in foreign currency?
        5.1.    'Yes' for those original amounts in USA.

        5.2.    For other foreign currencies, your relative will get the amount in VND calculated according to current selling rate of Vietcombank.
        5.3.    Your relative will have to pay no tax on the money received.

6. What will my relative need to do to fulfill the process of receiving money?
        6.1 Very simple. Your relative just need to complete 'receipt sheet' with information like name, address, phone number, amount of money withdrawn, your name and address.

        6.2 If possible, payment at home may be facilitated on request (especially when your relatives  live in Hanoi, Danang, Hochiminh City).

7. Why should I choose FINTEC to carry for my remittance?
Simple procedure, no hidden cost, convenience and low rates are advantages you can enjoy at FINTEC.

8. How is my money conditioned to be remitted?
You have to bare responsibility for money origin, and non-participation in any laundering activities that International and Vietnamese regulations prohibit. 

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