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Find out how things done at FINTEC Remittance Office:

1, How to send money
2, What's the rate
3, Give me an example

4, Contact


If you live in Canada, you can easily transfer money to your family, relatives, friends in Vietnam. Just contact your bank and ask for a transfer to FINTEC Corp - Vietnam, so as to be redirected exactly to your recipient, through the following intermediary:

1. Beneficiary: FINTEC. Corp
2. Account of beneficiary: CAD.111.10131228.12.2.
3. Beneficiarys bank: Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TECHCOMBANK)
4. Address of beneficiarys bank: 15 Dao Duy Tu-Hanoi-Vietnam
5. Account with Intermediary: 574131877241
6. Intermediary bank: ABN- AMRO BANK - Toronto Branch - Canada


7. Detail of Payment: Transfer to... (Name and ID card number of the recipient)

For the form with only 1 place to fill in the bank name, Click here to get the right information.   


Sender's concern: How much must I pay?

The only Remittance Fee you have to pay is 0.5% of the Credit Advice Sum.
Minimum Fee: CAD 7

Note: We deal ONLY with "Credit Advice Sum", meaning the sum of money presented on Techcombank's Credit Advice, EXCLUSIVE of the small amount to be paid to bank as transfer fee.


Example 1

If your Credit Advice Sum is CAD 5,000, your receiver will get the full amount of CAD 4975 (the Credit Advice Sum MINUS Remitance Fee).

Example 2: lower than minimum fee

If your Credit Advice Sum is CAD 1,000, your receiver will get the full amount of CAD 993 (the Credit Advice Sum MINUS Minimum Fee).


Having completed SENDING at your bank, please email us to confirm your name, your address, your email address, the amount you've sent, receiver's name, receiver's address, and receiver's Identity Card Number.



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